Shelf & District Community Group


Sponsored Nest Boxes


We sold a number of handmade nest boxes to local people for erection in the park.  Chris Sutcliffe Countryside Service and our treasurer put up the nest boxes on 4th April 2016.  A location map is in the noticeboard with the sponsor name and location of each box.  A big thank you to Chris for his kind help with this - at no cost! 

We have been lucky to have almost all boxes occupied too.

Chris Sutcliffe and Brian Crossley Nest box 1 in place


A Walk in the Park

The Woodland Trust provides great nature leaflets to make your walk in the park more interesting.  You can download one of their great leaflets below 

Twig ID - How to identify trees in winter using twigs

Leaf ID - How to identify leaf to tree

Mini Beasts- How to identify creepy crawlies and bugs

Chirpy Birds - Garden birds


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