Shelf & District Community Group

Bat Walk 

On 10th May we met to go on a Bat Walk in Shelf Hall Park.  

Chris Sutcliffe of Calderdale Countryside Service hosted the event with an amusing but informative talk about Bats.  

Chris brought his own bat with him just in case we didn’t see any!

Chris wasn’t certain if we would see any bats, especially as the weather had turned damp for

the event.  Chris brought along a Bat detector and we strolled gently around the park hoping for success.  It was just dusk when we started walking and then just opposite the Bowling Green, we were lucky enough to hear and see bats.  

Whilst the night was a bit damp and chilly, everyone had a great time.


Bulb Planting 

December 2015 saw our committee and volunteers once again plant around 2500 bulbs in the park.  Again we were assisted by a Gardener from Calderdale Council.  Bulbs this time were donated by Keelham Farm Shop and Wyevale Garden Centre


                Our 2015 bulb planting team                    Mr Dave Dixon and young gardeners

In November 2014 committee members and volunteers planted over 5,000 bulbs in the park.  These were a mixture of flowers and colours and all were donated by Keelham Farm Shop, Wyevale Garden Centre and Gardenius Nurseries.

Calderdale Council gardeners Billy and Simon and Councillor Peter Caffrey assisted with digging and planting.  During the morning we were also joined by three local child minders with four toddlers - the toddlers helped to fill the holes dug by others!

It was a great morning, lots of fun and quite a few people stopped to see what we were doing.  We hope you noticed our bulbs growing and flowering - they have given us a lovely display.  

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