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Wild Flower Meadow

Wildflowers Flowering

Wild flowers are now in bloom!

Seeding  - April  - May 2016

Work started in April with the Safer,Cleaner,Greener team arriving on site with sand and lots of seeds. Our treasurer assisted with the initial partial seed and has then taken responsibility for seeding, along with a local community member on a weekly basis.  The seeds are mixed with sand to enable easy sowing [and to stop the seed from blowing away] and then sown in specific areas.   

Seeds being sown are: Purple Corn Cockle, Red Poppy, White Corn Camomile,Blue Cornflower,Corn Marigold/Yellow with an Annual mix being sown in the lower area. 

Preparing the ground - February 2016

The Safer, Cleaner, Greener team have been back to the park to prepare the ground for seed sowing in April.  They started rotovating on 24th February and were expected to complete the work during the first week of March. 


Views of the rotavated ground

Starting the work - December 2015

Weed killing commenced on 21st December 2015 and dependent on weather conditions, may take up to 4 weeks before there are any obvious signs of die-back.   During February and March 2016, the area will be lightly rotavated and further weed killer will be applied to kill off any grass that has regrown. The first sowing of wild flower seeds will take place mid-April and our treasurer will be working with the Safer Cleaner Greener team at the initial sowing.  

The areas marked are roughly where the wild flower meadow work is taking place. To give an extended flowering season, further sowing will be carried out weekly over a 12 week period.  Our treasurer will carry out all further sowing of wild flower seeds on behalf of the Safer Cleaner Greener team.  

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